Avent Classic Spout Cup Collection

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Easy sip Sippy cup with soft spout for easy drinking. This Philips Avent spout cup is great for both toddlers and parents. The soft silicone spout makes sipping easy and fewer parts ensures easy cleaning of the cup


- Ripple shape: Container of the sippy cup is designed to allow easy grip for little hands.
- Non-spill
- Spill free cup
- Easy to drink

Easy drinking:
- The one-piece silicone spout is easy to drink from: liquid starts flowing when pressure is applied to the spout.

Easy to clean:
- One piece spout: The valve is built into the spout, ensuring assembly is fast and hassle free.

Other benefits:
- Philips Avent compatibility: All Philips Avent bottles and cups are compatible excluding the glass bottles and the Grown-up cup. So you can mix and match to create the perfect cup, suiting your toddler´s individual development needs.
- Cup is dishwasher safe
- BPA free


What is included:
- Cup (200ml/ 260ml): 1 pcs
- Silicone spout: 1 pcs
- Spout cup: Polypropylene, silicone rubber
- Hygiene cap: 1 pcs