Munchkin Brica 2 Pack Cling Shade

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Cool, calm & collected.

Wrinkle-Free static cling shades easily roll on window.
White HotÆ heat alert system indicates when the car is too hot
Helps protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays
Simple to use in any car - reusable static cling backing; no tape or adhesive needed
Trim to fit car window shape
Includes two 44.5 cm x 31.8 cm shades

Despite its vitamin D benefits, the sun can pack a big, unwelcome punch. High temperatures and damaging rays take their toll on little ones, particularly when you drive. For cooling down both your car and your kids, cling to this easy-to-use baby shade. The White HotÆ Cling Shade sticks to both rear and side windows for immediate protection from harmful UV rays, glare and heat. The reusable cling backing makes it usable in any vehicle. And with a patented White HotÆ system to let you know when it's too hot in the car, it's the best and smartest window shade on the street. How cool is that?