Munchkin Brica Smart Shade

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We all love a beautiful sunny day. But when you're in the car, the sun's harsh glare can bring out the fussy in even the calmest baby, not to mention the damage it does to delicate skin. With more coverage than other roller shades, the BRICA Smart Shade blocks 90% of sunlight and helps filter those harmful UV rays. Your little travelers will enjoy the cool, shady ride, and you'll love how the new, slim design blends with your car's interior. Ready to use and easy to install, the Smart Shade attaches to the windowsill for maximum top to bottom coverage and even rolls up and down with most windows letting you block the glare or let in the fresh air. No matter how hot the day, you'll feel good knowing your kids are keeping it cool.

Smart sun safety.

Rolls up and down automatically with most windows block the glare or let in fresh air
Provides maximum top to bottom window coverage
Secure window attachment clips easily over the top edge of your window
Easy installation shade housing safely inserts between window and door panel
Helps protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays
Compatible with most vehicles no tools required
Includes one 41.2 cm x 48.8 cm shade
Extra-wide for superior coverage