Munchkin Gentle Scoop Silicone Training Spoons Collection

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Munchkin Gentle Scoop Silicone Training Spoons 2pk

Let's face it. Babies love chewing on straws and spoons, and sometimes that can veer into dangerous territory. This multitasking toddler spoon set was designed with several common self-feeding issues in mind. Made of ultra soft silicone that's easy on babies' gums, each spoon features a first-of-its-kind choke guard that acts as a spoon rest at the same time. The unique anti-choking feature prevents spoons from going beyond a safe point in their mouths and keeps tips off tables and floors (an otherwise Herculean feat!). Take mealtime to the next level of safety and cleanliness with Gentle Scoopô toddler spoons.

Don't miss the mealtime scoop!

Pack of two silicone toddler training spoons
Unique choke guard doubles as spoon rest
Super soft silicone is gentle on gums
Dishwasher safe
6+ months