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At Olli, we’re moms and dads just like you. We set out to create a range of baby foods and toddler snacks made just like you would at home. Our baby foods contain ingredients such as maize, oats, fruit, veggies and meat, and our toddler snacks are made from wholegrain rice, oats, and fruit. All Olli™ products are carefully prepared to preserve the taste and nutrient content of each ingredient, to meet our exacting standards – and yours. But we didn’t stop there. We also made our products convenient to prepare and serve. At Olli™ we have developed a range of delicious baby foods which can be microwaved in their packaging, making them quicker and easier to serve. Each product is created using top quality real ingredients, carefully prepared to preserve taste and nutrient content, and we only use BPA-free packaging. The range comprises 12 options, and their resealable packaging makes flexible portion sizes a cinch!

Features and Benefits:


  • No artificial colourant
  • Ideal snack option
  • Olli™ is made locally using only the best quality ingredients.
  • Top quality ingredients
  • All our snacks are individually wrapped in BPA-free plastic.
  • All our pouches are made from BPA-free plastic and can be warmed in a microwave (Please note: Always follow heating instructions on packs)