Pigeon Silicone Pacifier Collection

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Pigeon’s Step One Pacifier from birth - 5 months

A newborn baby has a natural sucking reflex action called ‘Peristaltic’ which is automatically satisfied by nursing from the breast.
• Has a natural soft shape.
• Raised base of nipple facilitates sucking movement.

• Automatically satisfies baby’s natural sucking reflex action. .• Shaped and proportioned to fit comfortably in baby’s mouth.

Pigeon’s Step Two Pacifier from 5 months +

Closing the lips is an important part of baby’s development in learning
to correctly eat and swallow.
• Lip contact area allows correct mouth movement and trains closing

of baby’s mouth.
• Just the right length to enable baby to suck and retain nipple easily

Pigeon’s Step Three Pacifier from 8 months +

When babies start to wean and speak, they tend to breathe through the mouth, which lowers baby’s immune system against disease.

  • Thin lip contact area promotes healthy development of teeth.

  • Perfectly fits the mouth of a teething baby.

  • Snug-fitting shield conforms to international safety standards.

  • Soft tip underneath and firm tip on top facilitates baby’s natural sucking reflex action.

  • Activates the brain.