Pigeon Twin Pack Perist Plus Pp Bottle Collection

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Each hole size provides the correct milk flow to suit your baby’s Oral Developmental Stage. Inner vertical lines are Nipple Collapse-resistant aiding correct tongue movement (Peristaltic) Fits perfectly in the sucking fossa of baby’s mouth. Matt surface allows your baby to latch securely.

LEAKPROOF HOOD Locks onto the top of the bottle. Seals and protects the nipple. Leakproof - therefore no need for sealing discs

AIR VENTILATION SYSTEM (Situated on the base of the nipple) The unique Air Ventilation System (AVSTM) prevents baby’s intake of air & gas, which is a potential cause of colic and spit-up

PIGEON PP NURSER • Flowing, easy-to-hold round shape. • Wide mouth makes filling and washing easier. • Available in a Wide and Standard Neck • BPA Free