Tommee Tippee Explora Super Cup Collection

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Knock-proof. Bump-proof.

Ooops-proof. The open top cup that won’t knock over.

The Tommee Tippee Super Cup is the world's first toddler proof cup…    It grips instantly to smooth, flat, solid surfaces, stopping little hands from tipping it over.

• Toddler-proof open cup that won’t tip over - especially designed for kids

• Resists accidental knocks to prevent mealtime spills and endless clean-ups

• Special base, powered by CleverGrip™, technology grips to any smooth surface but lifts up easily. The Super Cup won’t work if you lift at an angle or pick it up quickly.

• Encourages open cup drinking without the mess

• Dentists recommend open cups to support healthy oral and speech development

•Capacity  190ml

• BPA-free